Boot Camp


Led by Personal Trainer Ari Zorn, Zorn Core Fitness’ “Boot Camp with a Heart” program is designed to encourage your fitness improvement and goal achievement in a supportive and encouraging group setting. You compete only against yourself, but work with others who help you reach your ultimate potential in health and fitness.

Zorn Core Fitness Boot Camp accommodates every fitness level – from out-of-shape beginners to advanced athletes – as each participant works at their own pace. Everyone has a challenging workout and no one is left behind. We focus on technique, form, breathing and a better understanding of how the body moves. In the Zorn Boot Camp program there are NO LIMITATIONS – it is a total body fitness program.

All Boot Camp classes are held in the Zorn Core Fitness Studio in South Egremont. Each session has a limited enrollment to ensure that full attention is given to each participant, constantly tracking their form and progress. You can expect a variety of training exercises focusing on upper body and core (abdominal) strength, balance and flexibility.

Our Boot Camp classes are much more than a series of exercises – they are about pushing yourself to achieve things you didn’t think you could do.