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What should I wear to class?

You should wear comfortable, athletic clothing appropriate for the time of the year, and a good pair of athletic shoes that will be worn only in the studio. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home.

I am not in very good shape. Will I be able to survive strength training classes?

All our classes at Zorn Core Fitness, whether Boot Camp or One-on-One Person Training includes various types of conditioning and core strength training exercises. My programs are designed to be as challenging as you want them to be. I encourage everyone to go at his or her own pace. I’ll give you a “push” when I feel you are ready. I work with people of all fitness levels, and NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!

What happens if I were to join the Boot Camp and have to miss a few days due to life / vacation / illness?

Each boot camp session runs for four consecutive weeks or twelve one-hour sessions. You have six weeks to complete the sessions – essentially giving everyone a two-week grace period.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

You only need to bring a water bottle as it is important to stay hydrated during your workout.

How long is each session?

Each workout lasts 60 minutes. Depending on age/fitness levels I can customize 30-minute Personal Training sessions.

How many people are in each Boot Camp session?

The number of people in each session will vary. We purposely keep the enrollment limited to no more than twelve people so that each participant gets individualized attention. No one gets away with incorrect form, bad posture or hiding behind the person in front of them!

I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer but was concerned I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Are your training classes expensive?

Physical fitness is for everyone so I have structured both my Boot Camp and Personal Training sessions at very reasonable rates. I also offer packages that makes each session even more affordable.