Personal Training


Personal Trainer Ari Zorn understands that each client is different, with different fitness levels and goals. Ari customizes programs and routines suited to meet those individual goals.

Whether you are an athlete or someone completely new to exercise, Ari motivates you with a combination of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, balance and physical conditioning.

Zorn Core exercises are designed to strengthen your core muscles – the midsection of your body, including the pelvis, abs, back and chest muscle – to result in improved stability, balance and flexibility. Every movement you make originates in the core. If the core is not properly conditioned it will limit your physical abilities.

Ari’s one-on-one workout sessions are challenging and rewarding. You will leave feeling energetic and proud of all you have accomplished. Experience an exciting total body fitness program that will get you motivated, recharge your energy, and deliver positive results. It is intense, challenging and fun. Most clients notice an increase in energy, strength and endurance, and a decrease in body fat and inches.

All resulting in increased personal confidence!