Everything you would ever need to know about Ari Zorn can be summed up with one word: Special.

– Marvin Fireman

A friend gave me a hug the other day — we hadn’t seen each other for a year–and her first comment after Hello” was “Great arms!” ”I owe these arms to Ari,” I told her. I have been going to Ari’s Boot Camp for exactly one year, and it is one of the best classes I have ever taken (and I have taken many at many different exercise venues in the Berkshires and beyond)! Ari is attentive, he watches and corrects, added comma he has a sense of warmth and humor and professionalism that make me glad I made the decision to sign up for this class. The bonus is the other people in the group– all of them delightful, interesting, dedicated, and vital.

– Michelle Gillett

I love training with Ari. He is very knowledgeable, professional and motivational. And I love the workout space. It’s bright, airy and clean. And last but not least, the music makes the entire session fun and fast. I wish I’d found this treasure long ago.

– Terry Gross

After over 30 years of debilitating back pain, I have finally found a cure. Strength training with Ari Zorn’s Boot Camp with a Heart. Exercising with Ari has changed my life. I am completely addicted to “boot camp.” Ari makes exercising fun and challenging but never impossible. And after years of seeing chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and doctors, the pain I suffered from for so long is gone. I went from barely being able to bend down to tie my shoes, to lifting weights I never would have thought I could lift. I am stronger today at age 49, than I have ever been. I have lost 15 pounds, dropped 2 sizes, and I am amazed at my own strength. I feel more confident than I have felt in a very long time. I believe it is in part my own realization that this works, but also Ari’s dedication, his enthusiasm and non-judgmental demeanor that motivates me. Thank you Ari Zorn, and thanks to Dr. Heidi Zorn for introducing me to Ari’s class.

Jana Liaz

Thanks to Ari, I’ve gone from “couch potato” to a stronger, leaner, and enthusiastic fitness devotee. Just a year ago, taking a short walk around my neighborhood used to be too much for me. Now I look forward to working out!

– Marilyn Brimberg

I started training with Ari in February of 2009. I had been dealing with Lyme disease since 2006 and had become very stiff in my shoulders, hands, hips and knees with arthritic symptoms. Working out with Ari three times a week has alleviated the symptoms and strengthened my hands. I feel so much better. However the best part is that Zorn Core Fitness is convenient and flexible. It is fun and I always want to go to class. I think we all feel like we belong there. I have never been this successful in any fitness class that I have tried in the past.

– Ellen Maggio

I met Ari right after I was beginning to recover from a six weeklong bout with Sciatica. He knows the right exercises to prevent Sciatica from recurring. I have been pain free ever since I’ve been his student; and in fact I’ve never felt stronger, more flexible, and more energetic in my 67 years of life.

– Robert Danz

My exercise routine was getting a little stale so I was looking for something new that would inspire me to keep exercising. Doing Boot Camp at Zorn Core Fitness has been a huge plus! Ari is extremely knowledgeable and his great energy and can-do attitude keeps our small group motivated and working hard.And I love the studio…the space is open and sunny and well stocked with all the equipment we need to get a great work out. An added bonus for me is that my lower back pain has disappeared. Ari has been showing me how core fitness and building strong stomach muscles will protect your back. And my routines are ever changing so I am never bored.

– Ellen Rudley